Saiwan's new website

Introducing Sai Wan's new website

23 March 2023
At Sai Wan, we are always looking for ways to enhance our customers’ experience and provide them with the most efficient and reliable shipping solutions. Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website,, which has been designed to offer an improved user experience, better navigation, and a wealth of information about our services. With a fresh design and a more intuitive interface, our website makes it easier than ever to access information about our services, fleet, and expertise in the global bulk, breakbulk, and project cargo markets. Here are some of the key features you can expect from our new website:
  • Comprehensive service information: Our website provides in-depth information about our bulk, breakbulk, and project cargo services. We have detailed explanations of each service type, helping you to understand how Sai Wan can help you move complex goods across the world.
  • Meet our fleet: Get to know our modern fleet of bulk and dry bulk vessels, ranging from Multipurpose to Kamsarmax, each designed to accommodate different types of cargo and navigate various port sizes.
  • Company information: Learn more about Sai Wan’s history, our core principles, and our commitment to providing flexible, customized solutions with a personal approach. Our website also features information about our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policy, showcasing our dedication to responsible shipping practices.
  • Latest news and updates: Stay informed about the latest developments at Sai Wan, including news, events, and important updates. Our new blog will also feature insightful articles and expert advice on the global shipping industry.
  • Career opportunities: Explore exciting career opportunities at Sai Wan, a dynamic and fast-growing company that values its employees and offers a supportive, inclusive work environment.

We invite you to visit and explore our new website. We hope that it will serve as a valuable resource for you, providing all the information you need about our services and how we can support your shipping requirements. 

If you have any feedback or questions about our new website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are always eager to hear from our customers and partners and are committed to continuously improving our online presence.

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Saiwan's new website

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